Ways Early Childhood Teachers Can Use Kids Area Rugs to Improve Learning

Teachers frequently make use of items that are handy, including educational kids area rugs, to provide learning opportunities for children under their care. Although primarily intended to protect children when they fall on hard surfaces, carpet is also used during playtime. And educational rugs are particularly useful in classrooms because they have designs created specifically to engage children. Amazingly children can learn to read using this type of carpet.

Many kids area rugs have designs that include geometrical shapes, letters, and numbers. You can even begin to teach children about diversity with certain preschool carpets that feature children of all races. Children like to stretch out and play on rugs so they are less likely to resist moments when teachers use the carpet to teach a lesson.

How to Incorporate Educational Kids Area Rugs into Lessons

Part of a teacher’s training includes learning how to create on-the-spot lessons. Early childhood teachers in particular have numerous opportunities throughout the day to teach children colors, shapes, and letters. Curious children will ask lots of questions and teachers are more than willing to answer them. An educational rug is really nothing more than a prop for teachers, but it is an effective one.

The best kids area rugs are sturdy enough for heavy-duty use. They come in many shapes and colors. You can get carpets that feature the alphabet, geographical maps, or a keyboard. Others have detailed ocean scenes, 3-D neighborhoods, or are in specific shapes like a tractor. Educational rugs play an important role in an early childhood classroom.

Even baby area rugs can be used to help toddlers learn. Those that have letters and numbers can be used during play time. Teachers know many rhymes and songs that appeal to toddlers. Incorporating designs from the carpet into play time means children are exposed to learning opportunities in many different ways. The carpet serves as visual cues for the children. As the teacher says a number, she points to the corresponding digit on the rug. Over time, the child begins to associate the word with the picture. This is how children learn most things.

Special classroom rugs foster creative play which is important for the growth and development of all children. Considered play therapy by some, it is a vital part of growing up. Children benefit when play is educational. They learn to enjoy school because they have fun. Young children may not even realize they are learning in a particular moment. Using educational rugs specifically designed for a particular age group or class insures children will learn.

Using Educational Kids Area Rugs During Teachable Moments

Kids Area RugsTeachers are quite adept at using popular items like kids area rugs to create a teachable moment. Imagine two children playing with a rug with a racetrack design. One child gets angry at the other. Rather than disciplining either child, she will use that moment to talk about being nice to other people. To keep the children engaged, she will provide an example while using the carpet as the backdrop to the lesson.

There are many uses for childrens rugs. Teachers may have a carpet in each primary color. She can use the carpets to teach children their colors. When a child identifies a color correctly, he gets to use that carpet for a specific period of time. Not only are children learning colors, they are being rewarded for correct answers which is positive reinforcement.

If you are interested in the various educational rug options that are available, you should contact a rug or school supplier. They can provide recommendations on the best rugs for your classroom. Suppliers such as pottery barn kids can even help teachers design classrooms and play spaces using versatile rugs that are kid-friendly and engaging. They know what appeals to children of all ages.

You can communicate with other early childhood teachers using online forums to learn how they use educational rugs in the classroom. You are bound to pick up fresh ideas to help your students. In particular, you might find ways to use educational rugs for group lessons. It is easier to work with student individually but you can help more if you are able to engage an entire set of children.

Not only are they fun to use, but the bright colors used in creating educational rugs help keep young children engaged. Children are naturally attracted to anything colorful and unusual. This is another reason educational rugs are especially effective teaching tools for younger children. They like educational kids area rugs and are willing to learn basic skills while using them.

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